Thursday, November 20, 2014

King Lear

In the summer of 2015, The Heart of America Shakespeare Festival is putting on the play King Lear at Shakespeare in the Park, Kansas City. The work below features my solution for the program cover and an animation of the cover. The purpose of the animation is to take place of costly posters and other printed promotional items that would have been made. The animation can be uploaded to social media and other websites for easy promotion that could potentially reach a farther audience than printed pieces.

The Illustration:
I depicted King Lear holding his crown. The 3 arches on the crown represent King Lear's kingdom getting split into 3 parts. Inside the crown, men on horseback are battling for the 3 parts of the kingdom. Another aspect I incorporated into the image is the depiction of the horses in proportion to King Lear. In the play he goes insane, so it subtly hint at that by having King Lear hallucinating the battle in his crown and slowly losing his mind.
The type is hand drawn inspired by Gothic and Uncial letterforms.

The Animation:
Bringing life to this illustration was very fluid due to my process of building the illustration in Adobe Illustrator. I drew each part of King Lear (his head, bicep, forearm, hands, crown, ect.) on separate layers. By organizing each piece into these separate layers, I could quickly import the .ai file into Adobe After Effects, pair the appropriate parts together and begin animating. The horse run cycle took the longest, even though the horses are only seen briefly, because they had the most movement, so they needed to seem lively and accurate. I knew from the start that I wanted the armies to collide and have a hard cut to black with thunder, but everything else fell into place as I was in process of building the scene.

Cory Montero © 2014