Saturday, April 18, 2015

Devil's Tower & The Badlands

In March I took a backpacking trip with 3 of my best friends, Dave, Emily and Kristin. We drove 16 hours from Saint Louis, MO to Devil's Tower, WY. After a day at the tower we drove a few more hours to The Badlands, SD. The trip is really unexplainable in words, but we had a lot of fun climbing up places we probably shouldn't have climbed, laughing way too hard and huddling together in a tent to keep warm from the chilling wind. 

A big portion of the trip, I didn't bring my camera because I didn't want to carry the extra weight, but sometime soon there could be a montage of the trip on Dave's Youtube channel at:

6 am - Devils Tower


 Trekking to the edge of the tree line to feel the warmth of the sun.

 The crew.

Circling around the tower.

Ahhh, the sun.

Break time!

Badlands campground.

Bad. Lands.


"I think I can see our campsite."

Always trying to get the highest view.

Walking through a maze.

 Foreground, middleground, background.





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